Monday, 29 June 2009

Week of happy - Monday

I've been a horrible, horrible bad tempered person these past few days (poor Man!) so I'm going to play the Pollyanna Glad Game and focus on the nicer things and see if I can get a post done every day and snap myself out of it.

So for today, the postman bought me this

which I think will become my new knitting bag. It's really lovely. Man sort of spluttered when I told him I got it for £15 off, said he couldn't believe it was worth more than £15 in the first place! To be honest I don't think it is worth it at full price but in the sales it's fine.

I made some fab fairy cakes with cherries in, made using this recipe but halved and they were delicious! I should have been making baby food but I really couldn't be bothered. I will have to get onto that tomorrow.


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toriejayne said...


Lovely bag, I just love Cath Kidston