Sunday, 28 June 2009

I've had better weeks

This week has been awful. It started so well, last weekend I went to a couple of really good boot sales. The one we arrived at pretty late and I missed out on seeing all of it. Boybaby was very grizzly and I ended up sat in the car with him. I did however get this lovely bedside table for the bargainous price of £4. The lady said had she painted it she would have been asking a lot more but I'm glad she didn't, I really like it the colour it is. It will need redoing sometime in the future but for now I'm happy to clean it up and use it.
Last Sundays boot sale got me some green pinstripe wallpaper for 25p that is just right to line the inside of the cupboard where it is a bit grubby. I also got a very fab vintage wastepaper basket for free, it was left in the place people take all their unsold things to be burnt and I spotted it as we were leaving. I haven't got a pic but will take one.

Then once we got home is when my week took a turn for the worse. My poor little baby had an accident and we ended up in hospital for a couple of days, he is fine it was just a little bump but I think with some of the stories in the press that they have to make sure that nothing is amiss. I felt terrible enough as it was but having my parenting scrutinised in such restrictive circumstances was truly stressful. I missed my other kids so much and was desperate to come home. I've been in a bit of a daze the rest of the week and haven't prepared properly for the couple of special occasions that we've had. Yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary and today was Man's birthday. I feel awful that I didn't have chance to get the things I wanted to. I did make him a cake but I wasn't overjoyed with it.

Oh well onwards and upwards.


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