Sunday, 14 June 2009

I've done a Kirstie

and found myself a mirror out of a skip! I saw a lady clearing away her unsold items at the car boot today and swooped in and got it back out once she had gone. It's not a particularly exciting mirror admittedly but I'm sure something can be done with it.
Here is a pic of my recent car boot buys. I didn't get them all today as I mainly got things for the kids that are too boring to photograph though I did get the Woman's Weekly cut and sew dolls. I have some of these already kindly sent to me on a giveaway but there is a male one that I haven't seen before, he's very funky. The little jug at the front is so cute, I love the design. I was so taken with it I failed to realise the handle has a crack all the way through. I don't seem to have much luck with crockery at the moment! It will have to be for decoration only.

The enamel teapot is my favourite colour. Girl is very taken with it as we have recently created a game with it. She is very attached to her toys. See her dinosaur there at the front? She insisted that 'Terrydactil' had to have his picture taken too. She has a very strange taste in toys, her My Little Ponies are often to be found in The Mystery Machine alongside Scooby and his friends or riding around in the Batmobile. I think that's what comes of having a brother. Anyway she tries to sneak her toys into nursery where they aren't supposed to be taken so one day in desperation I asked her to put them in my 'magic' teapot. Before she got home I put a sweet in there and she was so happy to get something back that she readily puts her toys in there now.

I couldn't decide if I wanted the picture of the cat. I spotted it on my first look around but wasn't sure if the cat was cuddling the tiny bunny between it's paws or was ready to eat it! I explained my dilemma to the seller and we had a good banter about how a picture can be interpreted in different ways. As a very squeamish vegetarian I wasn't keen on the idea of bunny murder. We decided that the cat was giving him a love and I handed over my 50p. I do enjoy having a chat with the sellers, I think it adds to the experience of collecting new things. I thought the worst thing about being a cat owner is them bringing dead stuff in. I was wrong, it's worse when they bring in things that are still alive and are still battering them around. I had a very feisty mouse bouncing around my kitchen this evening. It was trying it's hardest to get away and I was doing my best to assist, much to the disgust of my youngest cat. I hope it managed to get far enough away from her.

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edwina.simone said...

look at all those cute little finds. I get so excited about finding something that needs a little bit of love & making it into something so amazing! The boyf hates it, always dragging junk into the house!