Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Week of Happy - Tuesday

Today I have bought yarn! I saw this pattern a couple of weeks ago in the new kids online knit mag Petite Purls and knew I just had to make BoyBaby a Pembroke. I was slightly disappointed to say the least when the yarn I wanted (the Dream in Color Classy used in the pattern) sold out and I couldn't find any more anywhere and it took me ages to find something else I'd be happy with. I decided on some Rowan Pure Wool Aran in the colour in the pic, which I ordered today from McADirect. It has been dispatched already so with a little bit of luck and postman dust it will be here in time for knitting group tomorrow. Of course it took me ages to choose, as usual! I wasn't born knowing how to make up my mind. BoyBaby is fair with blonde hair and blue eyes and my usual bold colour choices don't suit him as much as they suited Boy and Girl. I'm begrudgingly admitting he looks good in pale blue and buying him a few things in that colour.

Ah yes, knitting group. We have a few new recruits and I'm relly looking forward to tomorrows meet! We're in the process of making a blog and some posters to splash about the place to attract more people in.


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