Sunday, 24 May 2009

Booty fatigue

As much as I love a good car boot sale (hadn't you noticed? really?) I find Bank Holiday weekends are such heavy going. Having sales on Saturday, Sunday and the Monday and getting up even earlier than I have to for the school run as well, urgh!! Today I had to take a rain check though, my knackered body didn't want to get up. Man is completely addicted to boot sales, he keeps picking up manky old computers that he brings home to disembowel on the table while I am trying to do other things. So he was up bright and early and kept coming in to try and wake me up. Funnily enough 'Wake up darling, I've cleaned out the litter trays' wasn't enough to stir me into wakefulness and he took the kids and my Mom leaving me and BoyBaby to be big lazy bedslugs until 11:00. The weather is fabulous today but i am one of those awkward people who really hates to get too hot and we're off out later, a long day in the sun is my idea of hell. I have to spend a portion of it hiding indoors. Oh and I have absoloutly nothing to wear either! Some clothes shopping is in order, as it is I think I'm going to have to wear a maternity top today. Hopefully no-one will notice as I carry BoyBaby around most of the time anyway.

I must admit though the thought of the bargains I am missing by not going out drives me potty! They have come back armed with toys and bits and bobs and I'm soooo jealous! Sigh,

So yes I went to the car boot yesterday. I got a fantastic puppet theatre for the kids and they have been entertaining me by putting on shows. Though I don't think 'Hey red riding hood, I'm going to bite you on the bum' was in the original script of Little Red Riding Hood. And there weren't guitar playing My Little Pony either.

I love it when you see something that just looks like it has been sitting there waiting for just you to come and buy it. Look what I got yesterday.

It's 'new' and sooo bright and lovely. I'm not keen on the fringe so that will be replaced with something else. I have no idea what I will use it for, a tablecloth maybe. I love it!

I'm off out to a barbecue, armed with cheesecake. I was supposed to be making another cake as well but the batteries in my scales conked out and I couldn't finish it. I'm lost without my scales! Have now ordered batteries plus spares to save it happening again. Hope everyone else is having a lovely weekend. Look forward to seeing what other bloggers have been up to.

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