Monday, 1 June 2009

Half term hiatus

Hi all

Half term has meant a lack of blogging action on my part. It wasn't such hard work this time around as my sister in law very kindly took Boy and Girl to Legoland Windsor for two days which broke the week up nicely. They had a wonderful time, though I admit I am a little jealous it wasn't me that got to take them. I seem to spend a lot of time sitting on the sidelines since having BoyBaby. I suppose it can't be helped having an age gap between them. They will have had a better time with their Auntie and friends rather than me and a tiny baby who needs feeding all the while anyway. We have also just booked Girl's birthday surpris
e to see Dinosaur Live, where the tickets are just a flat rate and no concessions so it would have been an extra £70 for me and BoyBaby and to be honest at his young age he'd quite probably be terrified. So I'll be left out, again. Sorry for the whinging. I promise I'll stop it in time for my next post! I'm just feeling a bit, dare I say it, lonely at the moment.

Though absent kiddies means - more room in the car for Ebay pick-ups! I have wanted a pine blanket box for ages. This one needs a bit of a clean and wax but I'm looking forward to doing it, though I'm not sure how best to clean it up, sanding it or otherwise. The seller was another very interesting person, I seem to be meeting lots through buying things on Ebay! He had a wonderful house and the most gorgeous dresser laden with Cornish ware.

The batteries for my scales arrived and I was able to finally make the Nigella Malteser Cake, recipe courtesy of the lovely Ang over at A Spoonful of Sugar. It is such a great cake and I'll definitely be making it again if only to use the rest of the jar of Horlicks I had to buy.

Also I have my first award, many thanks to Heavenly Housewife over at From Donuts to Delirium. I know I am supposed to pass it on but as I'm new to blogging all the blogs I know have it already! I am trying to get a blogroll sorted in my sidebar but I haven't been able to add anything to my layout for ages. Either it is broken or Blogger doesn't like me. I can get the layout page but the option for adding page elements just isn't there. Really frustrating.

This post is very brown isn't it? Brown boxes, brown cake. Need more colour!


Anonymous said...

OMG! That cake looks delicious! xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I love that cake. It is one of my fave nigella cakes. Enjoy!

Claire said...

I think it is my favourite cake now. I've had the last bit while the kids are at school ;-)