Thursday, 21 May 2009


Yeah, yeah I know. But it's late and I couldn't think of a title!I've seen a lot of hexagon patchwork on other blogs lately, crochet ones, fabric ones and knitted ones and it's made me even more eager to get my act together and join in! If I see something I like out there in the blogsphere I tend to bookmark it to come back to later, but as you have guessed I now have hundreds of them (Man rolls his eyes every time he has to back them all up) and they aren't in any particular order either so I can never find them again afterwards. So I will put them to the back of my mind for now and focus on one project.

It's been in my mind to make a patchwork quilt for years now, I had a great book that I unfortunately lent to someone and then never saw it again. I found another patchwork book in the charity shop today. Nowhere near as detailed as the other one was but for 80p it will do for now. My travels around the internet also took me to some patchwork and quilting sites. Goodness, it can be an expensive pastime! I am trying to keep my project on the cheap as possible side and have been harvesting shirts to cut up. I have some from Man, a couple from my dad and some excellent ones from the cheap charity shop for £1 each. I really can't wait to get started. I thought I would need templates and cutters and things but that's just me getting distracted as usual.
Speaking of distracted I also noticed this patchwork pattern. Lovely isn't it? I think that one will have to go on the list next as I have no idea how it is put together. Does anyone know? The only patterns I can find have some of the smaller squares split into quarters but they don't appear to be on this pic.


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I'm wanting to take up patchwork also. xxxx