Monday, 6 April 2009

Make-room Monday

First day of the Easter holidays today, didn't go quite as expected I must say. I think the complete withdrawal of any sort of routine (not that I like routine myself, I mean the fact that they have to be awake by X time and school is at Y time, lunch is at Z) has left Boy and Girl with far too much time of their hands for making a mess. It was because I was busy tidying up one thing (spilled cat food) that gave girl the opportunity to burst open a beanbag in her room. No, I don't know quite what possessed her either.

One benefit of the mess was that I got to have a proper go with my new hoover. That's her there, Hetty. As mentioned before I am prone to flights of fancy and impulsiveness and I will hold my hands up and say no, I didn't strictly need a new hoover. I have a Dyson. It was a replacement for the Franken-dyson, our old one that had many spares on it in different colours, hence the name. The new Dyson I just couldn't get on with, it lacked the robustness of the previous one and was a pain to store with the pipe sticking up in the air all the time. As with most things I am usually blissfully unaware that they exist until someone I know 'from the internet' buys one and then I have to have one. So easily led aren't I? I had heard of a Henry but had no idea they had pink ones too!

I did try to resist, I read reviews, some said they weren't so good with pet hair which wouldn't be any good for here with all my kitties but when Homebase has 15% off everything I suddenly found myself scootling off there to buy one. And am I glad I did! She is fantastic! I had always been under the impression, well from the ads at least (easily led, remember?) that bagless = good and bags = not good but the suction on this is much better than the Dyson for sure. Last year I bought some very cheap carpet for Girl's room and it attracts any stray bit of fluff that I just couldn't get rid of and today, all gone! And of course she is very, very cute. The kids like her. I should have seen it coming when I let them play with it hoovering each others feet. I ended up having to retrieve a sock from inside. That is one downside to bags vs bagless. I will have to be more careful in future what I let her eat.

I have made it my goal to get rid of at least one bag of either rubbish, rags, charity shop donations or recyling per day this holiday and have my bag for today in the shed outside. Someone thought it a great idea to close the tip two days a week so I can't chuck it yet, but I will!

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