Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday

I have had a good Good Friday today. After the first week of the holidays, which quite frankly was horrendous, I am glad that Man had some time off so I had a bit of back-up. Girl is being a bit of a pest lately. Following on from the burst beanbag we have also had shredded story cassettes, drawing on walls, a dismantled biro in the plughole and a touch of modern art in the bathroom in the form of a whole packet of pantyliners with the backing removed and slapped in an attractive arrangement on the wall. She's not a bad girl really, more that she has too much energy at her disposal and can't leave anything alone and I quite simply don't have eyes in the back of my head. She has a knack of knowing just when I'm busy cooking dinner or feeding the baby to wander off and carry out her mischievous deeds. Anyway by today I was a bit of a basket case and in need of a treat. I managed to grab a hair appointment, it hadn't been done since October. I had planned to go in just before I had the baby in December but after a check up from the midwife I was carted off to hospital instead and missed my chance. Man took BoyBaby for a walk while I was getting my hair coloured and about 4 inches lopped off it. It was pouring with rain when I got out but I didn't really mind as I just wanted to go home and Bad Things happen to my hair in my sleep so it will need washing tomorrow anyway.

I made the above cake, recipe was from the Culinary (Mis) adventures blog but I did mine as one whole cake instead of cupcakes. In retrospect I'm not loving the sprinkles. I had an 'Aaaaargh' moment while I was decorating the cake, there was an Ebay item ending this evening that I'd been watching and I thought I'd missed it. I abandoned the cake and found I had just got to the computer in time and managed to win this for £21

I am very excited! I have been dying for a dressing table for, oooh the past 25 years. Since I surrendered my chest of drawers to the baby to keep his clothes in, my make up and hair stuff has been stashed in a sad plastic box under the bed. It's a mess and I can never find anything. I'm looking forward to getting it, there is room for my stripy socks too!

Due to basketcasedness my chucking out a bag a day of stuff has fallen by the wayside but hopefully I can catch up tomorrow to be back on target. I hope everyone (whoever is reading!) has a nice Easter.



Flossie and Tom said...

Love the dressing table. I think ebay is fab for finding bargains.

My little girl was a bundle of energy - well still is - its just easier to direct now shes ten. I sometimes think the older child does try to get attention from the baby even if its "negative" attention.

My son once threw a bucket of water over his little sister who was just starting to walk - right before I was leaving the house to go to work !!

I can see the funny side now - its took almost ten years !!

Keep Smiling


Claire said...

Thanks Sara. She is 3 so not great with listening at the moment. I know it's just a phase and I will see the funny side one day!