Thursday, 16 April 2009

Grab a pew!

The problem with buying nice big things on Ebay is arranging a way to collect them. We had to hire a small van to get the dressing table and I thought while we had it I was going to make the most of it! Since we changed the car we haven't been able to take the kids' bikes to the forest, they used to fit in the boot of our old (pre-evil) car but not in the current one. Girl was not used to the bike and kept trying to pedal backwards then eventually lost patience, preferring to run instead leaving her dad to carry it the rest of the way.

When we got in I had a pew/storage bench on my Ebay watch list. The price had been creeping up all day. It was located not far from us so I put in a very late and final bid and.......................the page went blank! I had a minor hissyfit and managed to get the page back up again and I had put the bid in with 6 seconds to spare and won it. I emailed the seller straight away and explained the van/timing situation and she kindly said we could pick it up the same evening. Here it is
It's very solid and rustic looking, though as I suspected it has very little history. I found the original price label while I was cleaning it. It reminded me of the Friends episode where Rachael lies to Phoebe about where her table has come from because she doesn't like mass produced things. Well I won't tell anyone where it came from originally, it can be a secret. I have found a place online that can cut a seat pad to size then I can get on with making a cover for it. I'm not sure what sort of fabric to use yet. I'll probably have to make a couple as we're using it at the table at the moment and it will get dirty quickly.

The next day was dressing table collecting day and it was manic. Man had to get the two older kids over to his sisters' as she was taking them out for the day and I had arranged the collection for between 11 and 12. When it was obvious we wouldn't be able to make that time I had to text the lady and say we'd be there later than that. I don't like to mess people about but the traffic was busy with the Bank holiday and we got delayed. When we got there it was well worth it, the lady was just the nicest person you could ever wish for. I get a little nervous buying things in case there are problems or the seller is difficult but there was nothing to worry about this time. The dressing table had been owned by her mum who had sadly passed away, she had had it from quite a young age. It does need work doing to it. The finish is a bit flaky and two of the handles are broken and I need to try and find suitable alternatives. To replace them all will cost about £70 as I have only been able to find similar ones on one website. I don't know where I could get the original ones fixed. I feel a responsibility to keep it as near to original as possible even though I have no intention of parting with it so any improvements will only be for my benefit. Changing it too much would be doing it a great disservice. I know totally bog-all about old furniture and hope I don't make a mess of it! This book was recommended to me so I got a copy on Ebay (where else?) I'm quite fond of beards and the men on the cover do look reassuringly knowledgeable.With the day being so hectic I hadn't eaten or had anything to drink all day so on the way back we stopped at Amerton Farm. There wasn't time to see any of the animals but we did have some lovely fresh baked vegetable pasties and an ice cream each. I was a bit disappointed as last time we were there they sold yarn but they don't anymore. After dropping the van off we popped to TK Maxx where I picked up a Thermos flask. I have been meaning to get one for ages to take on walks. With us I mean, not like a pet or anything. That would be silly.

I have been banned from Ebay by the husband for the time being. But there are some things on my watch list ending very soon. We'll see.


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