Friday, 24 April 2009

Car booty

It's taken me ages to get around to posting about last weekends car boot trip. I hadn't been to one in years and if I'm honest 7am on a Sunday morning is a time unknown to me. But spurred on with the promise of a bargain I was up and showered and we arrived nice and early. I had forgotten how cold it is before the sun comes up and I was freezing (guess who didn't take a coat?) At least BoyBaby was snug and asleep in his pushchair for a good couple of hours to leave me to get on with hunting. Car boots are a nightmare for the jealous and also the indecisive. There is nothing worse than walking around and seeing people carrying pretty things that you would have snapped up had you got there first. Man was so annoyed to overhear some people talking about the computer technical twaddly bits they had purchased for the bargain price of £2 he didn't stop grumbling about it all day. Then there is deciding what to buy and what to leave behind. I am still kicking myself about leaving a few things. I'm just not good with snap decisions at all. Or haggling. I just haven't got the knack for it. I ask the price of something and they tell me, I either say 'OK' or 'No thank you' which leaves some sellers with very puzzled expressions. I'm a simple girl and can't be doing with all these mind games, nor am I David Dickinson. I think if I finally get around to selling some things I will have to price everything up beforehand, or leave all the haggling to someone else. I'm having camera problems at the moment so will take some pics of what I did buy once I know I can upload them.Work on my dressing table is coming along well. I started to strip one drawer and it was much easier than I thought. The second one took a bit more effort and then I found my job had been taken over by my Dad. I keep going outside and finding he has let himself in to the back yard and helped himself to the wire wool and another drawer. He's recently retired so he's still settling into how to fill his time I think. I wanted to do all the work myself but I guess if it is done sooner with a bit of help I can't complain. All that needs doing now is the main frame and the mirror which I'm waiting for a nice weather day where I can drag it outside and get it all done at once. Not this weekend though, I'm off to the car boot sale again!


The Vintage Kitten said...

Im not very good at haggling either, and I often walk away from things and then wish I had bought them. On the other hand I cant believe I sold an Art Deco lamp a few years ago, I soooo wish I had kept it! X

Lace hearts said...

Oh, bless your dad... I wish mine was still around. As for leaving something and finding it done, I think our parents are mostly the only people in life who will do that - treasure him while he's able and willing. Car booties can be really tricky... I never know whether to haggle or not, but most times I simply pay what is suggested, as it's usually dirt cheap anyway, and it always seems a bit pathetic quibling over a quid or so. Life's too short.
Don't think I got back to you about the wool you asked about... I'm finally confident enough to use Rowan, and it is fab to use. Really makes a difference. Thanks for your comment about the rippling - I'm enjoying it. x