Saturday, 4 April 2009


I adore stripy things, but even more so if the stripes are multicoloured ones. This jumper I bought on a whim one day in Primark. It doesn't even fit me. Maybe one day it will (she says doubtfully while eating chocolate) but in the meantime I just like having it to look at when I open the wardrobe. I'd probably look like some sort of kids tv presenter in it anyway. When I spotted some lovely rainbow socks on Attic24's blog this week, I had to have them. I already have 5 pairs, but well, these are different, ok? I couldn't see where they had come from and put out a plea via Twitter and my fave ladies forum and it paid off and I was directed to Tesco where I was even more overjoyed to find they were 2 for £1.50. 2 pairs that is, as socks do tend to be a bit useless on their own. Unless they are black ones, and black ones though practical don't make me happy.

I like real rainbows too. When I was growing up I was always excited if i could see a whole one arcing across the sky. I took this picture in September 07. I had been walking back from taking Boy to school, I was feeling very down, looking at the ground and having a bit of a cry. We'd been trying for a baby for a good while and another mum had just had a little girl. I remembered thinking when she announced her pregnancy 'That will be me soon' but it wasn't to be. I looked up and saw this lovely rainbow. I know it sounds completely bananas and trust me I'm not prone to hearing voices (yes really) but 'someone' told me that my baby was coming soon and it would be a boy. And sure enough here he is today, covered in socks.
I love him to bits. Not that I don't love Boy and Girl, of course I do but he is just the most placid little soul, so smiley and an absoloute joy to look after.

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