Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Mirrors and egg cups

Don't you find that when you have bought something then no sooner is it paid for then you go to another shop and find another one you like as much, if not more? I already have the curse of being both indecisive and impulsive and can never seem to strike the right balance. I either come home empty handed, missing out on a bargain or blow the budget completely and have to try and justify the spend in my own mind. Either that or I come back with something that I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with and it's a tremendous relief when I find a use for it! Earlier in the week I ended up buying two sets of egg cups. We don't eat boiled eggs. It's not some weird vegetarian thing, just no-one likes them except me and I quite often can't be bothered making them just for myself. So I was most pleased when I found a use for the second set, the first were pretty so were exempt from having to prove their worth. I made up some pancakes and the egg cups came in very handy for filling with individual amounts of butter and syrup to put on the table. Now they have at least one use I can stack them in the cupboard happily. I have also bought two mirrors this week, one was nice and cheap but the second was £20. I had just bought a mirror so I walked away without it. My impulsive side won in the end and I went back for it on Monday. I felt even more justified when I popped into Past Times to grab a Union Jack mug (as seen on Little Gem's blog) and I saw a modern beveled mirror for £40. Anyway here they are. I'm very pleased with them.

took some pics of a couple of the cats while I was waiting for BabyBoy to wake up today, he often falls asleep on the 10 minute journey home and I feel mean for moving him when he's only just dropped off. The ginger one isn't mine, he just comes to ours for his dinner (and lunch and breakfast too) Poor thing hasn't got a home, he's filthy. I wouldn't mind him coming to live here but my cats don't get on with him so he never gets past the doorway. Plus he bites! He does have lovely manners otherwise.


MaryPoppins said...

Well done :)

The mirror is gorgeous and you know what I reckon I would have gone back to get it too :)


thriftymrs said...

The mirror is terrific! Glad that you went back for it?