Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mothers' Day

I snapped this pic on my phone earlier in the week as I just love the bunting. I might have to make some of my own one day once my sewing machine is unearthed from the chaos. I also have an overlocker I had for last years birthday that is still in it's box. I got as far as seeing how much thread was and that was it! One thing i didn't get on the pic was the lovely knitted tea cosies at the bottom, I wasn't sure if anyone in the shop was watching and I didn't want to appear a total loony! Knitting a tea cosy is also on my list of things to do, just need to decide on colours which is always a problem as I like so many.

I did some work on my chest of drawers this weekend. Mr quite likes them the colour they are but the varnish is thick and sticky and has quite easily sanded off. I'm not sure whether the wood underneath is attractive enough to just wax so it may end up painted, though there are a lot of crude repair jobs on it that need undoing and redoing properly. It's very much a handmade piece with a lot of wonky edges and interesting joins and great big nails hammered in.

Hope everyone has had a nice Mothers' Day. If it weren't for my mom I wouldn't have had anything. Girl spilled the beans yesterday telling me 'Grandma bought you chocolates!' I asked what sort of chocolates and she said 'Lemon and meat.' Er, yummy. Luckily she was wrong! Boy hand drew me a card with a picture of the family on and addressed the envelope to 'Mom, age 30' then the first line of our address which made me smile.

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LittleGem said...

Hope you had a lovely mothers day. Lemon and meat mmmm! ;) xx