Sunday, 15 March 2009

Check out my drawers

These are they, and I had a bit of a bidding war on my hands to get them! Had I not seen them in the 'flesh' I wouldn't have been so determined but they are lovely (I use that word too much, pass the thesaurus) The four drawers at the top are just right for knitting needles. It's no wonder my house is in such disarray, the only drawers in the whole downstairs are 3 of them in the kitchen and the cutlery and tea towels have first dibs on those. All the pens, sellotape etc are strewn on the desk and every other available flat surface. That is until my mom comes along and 'tidies' them. She has a habit of reusing food packaging to store things in, I'm never surprised to see my letters in a cat food box or my pens in a mushroom punnet. I've given up commenting!

Today I stripped the top of the filing cabinet, I have taken pics and will hopefully have a tutorial to post once it looks lovely. It will look lovely, or I will never hear the end of it from Mr and my dad who popped by to see what we were up to.
Mr did a huge tip run as well and cleared some space in the shed outside.

It was my kittens' first time she was allowed out this weekend, she has been spayed and had her stitches out so we could leave the door open for her to come and go. I tried picking her up to take her
out but she isn't very trusting of me at the moment and she got startled, I keep taking her to the big nasty vets after all, and she has walloped me round the face. Oooh it stings!

And isn't this better?


MelMel said...

Lovely drawers!

Well done winning the other goodies!

Pleased to have you on board....welcome to my private blog!xxxxx

OhSoVintage said...

Bet those drawers are going to look great. Looking forward to seeing the end result. I am also intrigued to see the finished result of the filing cabinet especially with the 17p toothpaste cleaner! What a great idea to knit a union jack cushion too.

Claire said...

Thanks MelMel, you have a beautiful home

Hello OhSoVintage. lovely blog you have, look forward to reading more.

I tried a little of the toothpaste on the top which has a few deep scratches and it seemed to fade them a little but I don't think it's enough. I have been doing some Googling about how to polish metal and have a list of things to try.

thriftymrs said...

Great drawers, lots of room in those bad boys.

I hope the toothpaste works - I use it to clean silver so it should work but it may take sometime!