Saturday, 14 March 2009

An abundant week

I have lots to post about, might have to be done in a few goes as my memory isn't great after concentrating on typing with one hand, it takes so long I keep missing things out that I only remember once I press the post button. The BoyBaby is the reason I never have any hands free and as excessively lovely as he is he doesn't give me a minutes peace, he's either sleeping on me or feeding so when I finally do manage a few seconds away my arms are as dead as a doornail. I have just sent him off to play on the floor with Mr so I'd better get on with it!

Right, firstly we have new sofas! I spotted these on Ebay and we got both for the starting price of £70.
The place they were at is a self storage warehouse. What happens is if you don't pay the bill they take the goods out to sell to recoup the cost and vultures like me swoop in! As warned in the listing they did need a clean, they had black smudges all over. I found a makers label inside and Googled to see if I could find any washing instructions and it turned out that as new these had been very expensive, over a grand each! On the downside I found that I really wasn't supposed to wash the covers but it was too late as I'd done some already. They haven't suffered any adverse effects so I think they will be ok, plus I think dry cleaning them would have bankrupted us! There was also listed a chest of drawers I wanted but it didn't end for a few days after. I asked for a Buy it Now but they couldn't do it which is a shame as we had hired a van and it would have been a lot simpler to take them there and then. More on that later.

Also found on Ebay was this, erm, well loved filing cabinet. I have always been a fan of filing cabinets. No idea why as I am the most disorganised person you could ever meet.
I had seen some filing cabinets online that had been stripped and polished and they look lovely. They are also a lovely price so for the bargain price of £10.99 I'm going to give this one a go. I have bought some cheapo Tesco toothpaste for 17p as it was suggested as a good polish, we shall see! I'm quite excited about this, I have spent ages researching how to remove paint from metal without scratching it. I even had my dad round to ask advice and show him what I was trying to acheive but all I got from him was 'I ay got nothing that will tek tharrof' which is Black Country for 'You're on your own with that, love' My wool for the Union Jack cushion arrived. This is what happens when someone as impulsive as me gets started on something without preparing properly. I didn't even get to the end of the row before getting in a mess and making a mistake so I have now unravelled and started again using bobbins to wind the different colours around. I have decided to have a knitted back on it as well so need to order more yarn, will do that when I have an idea of how much I need.

For Red Nose Day I made these tiny cherry bakewells. They were fiddly but looked so cute. I made them in a mini muffin tin and ended up putting in the almond sponge filling using a spare medicine syringe to save getting mixture everywhere. There were a lot of kids dressed up for school on Friday, wearing inside out clothes and pyjamas. Boy just went in jeans and a tshirt as he really hates to dress up. He was having a major hissyfit about even wearing 'normal' clothes to school instead of uniform. Girl was looking forward to dressing up as her brother for nursery but she was quite unwell inthe night and was very off colour the next day so we kept her at home. Good job really as she spent the day asleep on the sofa which for my busy girl is very unusual. She had another long sleep again today, I hope she is back up to full strength soon.

I went looking for Cath Kidston goodies in TK Maxx today as lots of other bloggers seem to be finding things. Sadly not me though. Where is it all hiding?


Lajoni said...

oooh I will definitely be following your's great made me laugh too...let us know on SCC when you get sorted re folloers xxx

thriftymrs said...

Those cherry bakewells should be renamed cheery bakewells they really made me smile.
I am looking forward to the make over on the cabinet. :)