Monday, 5 January 2009

Small steps

Most households have a lost sock bag, right? Mine started out as just having a few strays lurking in a carrier bag and ended up as a massive Ikea shopper full to the brim with practically every sock in the house that had to be rifled through for anyone to actually have any to wear that managed to travel from one bedroom to another and never get any smaller. Needless to say pairing them hasn't been high on my agenda. My method is to only ever buy brightly coloured ones for myself to make them easier to spot. I have a major weakness where striped socks are concerned, I can't go in Peacocks or Primark without leaving with a pair or six.

As one little job at a time is all I can manage right now I thought I'd go in for a bit of multi-tasking and feed the BoyBaby (who is making small steps of his own after being weighed today and has actually put some ounces on and my milk isn't as useless as I'd wound myself up into believing) while sorting the vast mountain of socks while trying to be vaguely educational and teach my daughter her colours and how to make pairs while preventing her from gleefully scattering them around the room. She was more interested in burying her toy tiger (strangely called 'Jaguar') and then finding him again. Most of the socks at the bottom of the bag were either (very) musty, worn out or too small so I was able to bin a load straight off. Now everyone has full sock drawers plus I think there is a little room for some more cheap striped sock shopping as a reward.

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