Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Car trouble

I have had a horrible day! My car, for want of a better word, is shit. We've only had it since October but it has been nothing but trouble ever since. It has been to the garage 4 times to be fixed (thankfully mostly still under warranty) I have had someone bump into me and I have scraped the door and driven into a post. After years of unblemished driving that annoys me! It randomly locks us out of the boot, we ended up having to pile the Christmas food shop into the back seats because horrible automated car computer lady (not as nice as satnav lady) informed us that the 'loading area' had been left open. How it can it be left open when we can't open it? Before that it was randomly letting air out of the tyres leaving me with a flat tyre two days before BoyBaby was due. It has also refused to start on at least 3 occasions meaning I had to walk Boy to school.

In between us and the school is a hill, a very big one. And in the style of 'Going on a bear hunt' you either have to go around it which takes 40 minutes on foot or go over it which takes about half the time but is scarily steep and impossible to wheel a pushchair over as it's so bumpy. It also is very tiring. So this morning is back to school after the Christmas holidays, it's been snowy for two days so of course my motorised nemesis decides not to start. No worries, call the breakdown people and they can sort it out. Not so. The bonnet was frozen shut and an hour of poking and prising did nothing to shift it. He couldn't tow it as it's parked on a slope so it's just sat there in all it's horrible crappy car-ness, covered in snow. Grrrrrr!

So off I go over the big scary hill which is made even scarier by being slippy and icy as well. I could have gone the long road way but I'd had to leave BoyBaby at home with my mom and keep my fingers crossed he didn't want feeding. I managed to get Boy to school ok, it was just on the way back my pelvis and hips decided to cause me huge amounts of pain, I think they are stuck in pregnancy mode still. Now I can't even get up the stairs or into bed without it hurting so I'm thoroughly miserable.

The car has to go, I can't cope with it anymore! Trouble is it's going to cost money we don't have.

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