Saturday, 17 January 2009

Sadness - Part 1

Somebody somewhere is enjoying having a good old tinkle on my parade and trying to shrug it off isn't working. I feel sad. Sad on the outside and right through my middle. Had an awful day yesterday, it was meant to be fantastic as we were to be finally rid of the nightmare car, which during the week had started to let in water through the dashboard and made the electrics crackle and flash on and off while I was driving it - nearly cacked myself! Managed to get the interior all dried up ready for the exchange. I was so terrified we'd get there and the deal would be off. All the reading I have done about our car on the internet it seems that nobody wants to touch them with a bargepole and I don't blame them. So off we go to the garage, it's about 30 miles away, the satnav doesn't quite understand the road layout and kept trying to send us down bus lanes and into supermarket car parks. Good job I wasn't driving. Man had taken a day off as I hate to drive to places I don't know, gives me the heebies. The exchange went well and the relief of not having to worry about the car breaking down on us or locking me out of the boot was immense. BabyBoy was crying so we went off to stop at Ikea for something to eat and so i could feed him. I love Ikea! We had to leave as we had an appointment to finally register the birth. We were running out of time as he is 6 weeks already. Going down the motorway I was so happy, loving the new car. Even though it is old it is very 'me' much more than the old one. That was a very blokey car, I must have been mad when I was choosing it. I think it was more desperation.

My happiness was very short lived I'm afraid to say. We stopped to fill up with petrol and next thing I know Man is yelling at me to get out of the car and there is a river of fuel running under the car! I was sent to wait inside while the AA were called with only minutes to go till our appointment. It turned out to be a hole in the fuel pipe and still safe to drive so we carried on to the registry office which we couldn't find. I had to go in on my own while Man stayed with the car. The AA man had followed us so he could carry on working on the car. BoyBaby screamed his head off in the overly hot room and I could barely hear the disinterested woman who obviously wanted to start her weekend and not be kept behind by us and our lateness. I had a total brain freeze and couldn't remember where Man was born and I'm just hoping that everything is spelled correctly. I did check but I don't trust my brain right now. Still it's a far cry from registering Boy and Girl. We made a nice day of it and all went out for lunch after on both occasions. I feel a bit cheated this time really after a low key Christmas. It seems everything is overtaken by the mundane and everyday hassle so much that things that are meant to be special aren't so special anymore.

I have to spend the week gingerly driving my nice new (old) car around and hoping it doesn't wee unleaded on every street corner. It will take another day off to get it all sorted out. Sigh.

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