Sunday, 4 January 2009

If I were a rich girl

na na na na na na na na na na na na na naaaaa!

Yep, money. As you can imagine with three kids and only one of us working (husband, not the kids. Unfortunately they are too little to send out to work) there isn't much cash to splash. If there were then it would be a bit easier to make the transformation from cluttered messy life to shiny, shiny, neat and tidy. I could just put everything in the bin and buy everything new, job done. I'm not a materialistic person. I used to be once upon a time, especially as a child. I had a list of wants as long as my arm! Then once I was earning money of my own I went a bit crazy and spent it all on clothes and drinking and have nothing at all to show for it. My parents were always very secretive about finances, any questions I had were met with a sharp 'None of your business', even after seeing an ad on tv for mortgages I wanted to know what one was and they wouldn't tell me! Madness. Took me years to find out. So needless to say I haven't really ever had a firm grip on my purse strings, something that will have to change along with everything else.

I do have some nice things but they are overshadowed by all the clutter and rubbish or put away for 'best' so they don't get ruined in the chaos. Some things have slipped through the net and been neglected which is a great shame.

So the challenge is to spend as little as possible on as much as possible. Bring it on!

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