Friday, 15 January 2010

Breaking the silence

The longer you leave something the harder it is to do.
I think that can apply to most things in life, and most certainly to blogging. I have written numerous posts before now only to delete them. Too dull, too late, too personal, too whiny. Before I know it the months have slipped by and nothing at all to say. Until now.

I am depressed. Not right in the head. The cheese has fallen off my cracker.

There, I have said it. Phew. Can I come back now?

It's not all been doom and gloom, but mostly, so I haven't been very inspired to come and post. This year has got of to a bit of a bumpy start and most of November and December was riddled with colds and flu and of course my rapidly waning sanity but less said about that the better.

Some nice things that have happened, we took Boy to his first concert to see the big man. No, not Santa - Marilyn Manson. Yeah I know he's rude and all that but Boy is very sensible and to his credit he never swears. He danced all the way through it almost whacking the head of the man in front a couple of times!

I went to see Girl in her nativity play. She was a sheep and her costume involved wrestling a fleece pet bed bought from the bargain shop through the sewing machine, something I don't wish to repeat again in a hurry! Boy went to see her rehearsal and said she had been told off for excessive 'baa-ing' which is just like her, she does like to get into character. On the day she was just prodding the child next to her and saying loudly 'Look, there's my MOM!'

And BoyBaby, well he's a year old now and had turned into......... ToddlerBoy! He took his first steps just after Christmas. He's not in any hurry to use his new skills as crawling still remains the quickest method of getting about.

I had some nice Christmas presents. Man bought me some Knitpro Interchangeable needles (Nova and Symfonie) and some metal sock dpn's. I bought some bargain sock yarn from Kemps Wool Shop and hopefully will learn how to make socks sometime this year. Kemps is a great yarn shop, they have some fab deals on. They had 500g of mystery Rowan for £5 before Christmas. I got some great stuff to boost my Ravelry stash and a couple of bit's I'm not sure about. I can't knit or crochet at the moment unfortunately, pushing the pushchair in the snow has done my wrists in. My car is broken at the moment after getting stuck in the snow so we're having to walk. Sometimes Good Samaritans can be bad for you! I'm hoping that the feeling in my arms will come back soon and this snow will give up and melt.

The house is still falling to bits around us, definitely on the shabby more than chic side. Something else to add to the list for this year. I'd better sign off now and see if I can get some sleep, I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow, see if they can help me out with the cheese/cracker thing.



A Thrifty Mrs said...

I'm sorry you have had depression to deal with. I totally understand how it feels and suffer from it myself. If you need to chat please drop me an email
Nice to see you back.

charl said...

depression is such a sad thing. i get very black days myself and come from a family were it has been quite an issue for us..
really sorry chic..
good to see you back blogging .. it can be a nice escape somtimes

Anonymous said...

Cracking post,(yes pun intended)! More please!!! Will drop by again tomorrow (or later) to see if its officially Fallen cheese! Take care.

Lisa said...

Glad to see you posting again honey . I hope the drs goes ok and thank God for anti depressants :-) I'd go on them again in a heartbeat x

Erin said...

I found your blog via ravelry, and I just want to say that I hope your own personal sunglight returns and your depression fades away quickly. . . =)