Saturday, 11 July 2009

A mixed bag

It's been raining, raining, raining today so no chance of going to a car boot. I didn't mind too much and decided to take the opportunity to dash to a few shops instead. End of term is looming and I want to get the kids teachers something nice and non-teachery. I took Boy with me, I don't often get to spend any time with him by himself lately but now BabyBoy is older he can be left with Man for a short while. Boy had transferred his Headteacher's Award sticker that he earned on Friday (for writing a good story) from his uniform to his t-shirt today and was very unsubtly indicating that he had done well for himself and quite fancied a reward! I'm a complete pushover where the kids are concerned (don't tell them that though) and we stopped off for hot chocolate (him), latte (me) and cake even though we had just bought these lovelies from the Farmers Market.Aren't they beautiful? I couldn't resist! They are made by Sweet Annalise and they tasted absolutely fantastic. I got a vanilla buttercream one for Girl, chocolate with Cointreau for me and Boy and Man had white chocolate and strawberry. Once it came to serving them up Girl was quite adamant that she wanted a chocolate one so I had to haggle with her about sharing mine and I share hers. I know there was only a teeny amount of alcohol in the icing but she went totally loopy and was on about being able to 'smell ponies'. Oops.

Despite me thinking there were no longer any toyshops in Stafford I found the Co-op Department Store had a toy section upstairs where he managed to wheedle a Lego set out of me and I got Girl a couple of dinosaurs to add to her precious collection. All of them are called 'Triceratop-tops' and 'T-rex' whether they are one or not. She was even trying to get me to breastfeed her T-Rex the other day in the bath. Er, definitely not with those teeth!

Speaking of teeth BoyBaby has gained his first two this week, he's been a slight bit grumpy but otherwise has managed really well. He has also managed to sit up unaided a couple of times and looks a very grown up boy at the moment. Because of this his time in his crib is on a tight limit if we want to avoid any more baby-meets-floor type situations. To get his big cot set up it means taking down our stupid and ugly fitted wardrobes which are crammed full of stuff, most of which I had forgotten I had. Man's idea of getting the job done was to empty all the things onto our bed then proceed to take the wardrobe apart. In the true style of the DIY bodgers who lived here before us it was held together with almost nothing and some of it fell on Man's head. We then ran out of time, the kids needed to go to bed, and all the things have now been dumped back where the wardrobe was but without the luxury of being able to shut the doors on it. I have mentioned before my tendency towards clutter and any mass amount of moving the clutter about stresses me out like nobody's business. I just don't know what to do with it all, I really don't.Lastly, a pic I took of my little cat. This week she has been bringing in poor half dead creatures for us and I really wish she wouldn't! One bird even had to be taken to the vet as I didn't know what else to do. It was in a bad way but I'm not brave enough to end their suffering myself. She is such a lovely cat though. As much as I pretend she is mine she really likes Girl the most. She has the loudest miaow ever and even though she is tiny compared to the other cats in the street they are terrified of her! She came in soaking wet this evening. It's like she forgets to go and find somewhere to shelter if there is something more interesting to look at. I think i will have to reserve her a towel, she loved being wrapped up and dried. Oh and she also has lost the fancy collar I got for her.



Cowboys and Custard said...

What a gorgeous moggy.. much like my Mr Pickles.. Tabbies are the best, dead animal offerings or not!

The Vintage Kitten said...
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