Sunday, 5 July 2009

Week of Happy - Thursday......

.........Friday, Saturday and erm, Sunday! Well the daily post thing didn't go too well did it?! Blimey it's been hot, I haven't felt like doing anything except lying about complaining about the heat, having lots of showers and changing my clothes every 5 minutes. I'm not one of those people who can waft around, glowing delicately in the sun. BoyBaby doesn't fare well in it either, poor thing.

There have still been things to make me happy though. The kids have had their school reports and I'm so proud of them. Boy is doing ok, just a little slack on the presentation side of things and Girl has come on leaps and bounds. It was lovely to read that they have enjoyed having her in nursery just as much as she has loved going. It won't be too long till she is in school all day, she hardly seems big enough! She certainly has the energy though.
The weather finally calmed down a bit today and we headed out to a car boot, a different one to usual as it seems to be the same sellers every week at the regular place and I fancied a change. Oh how I wish we hadn't bothered, it was scary to be honest. The place just seemed to have a very funny atmosphere and the things were very poor quality and overpriced. I did find one stall where everything seemed to be 5p and I picked up a crochet granny square tea cosy. Can't argue for that price and especially after someones hard work has gone into it. I also got a couple of pieces of material, £1 each. We called it a day and went back to our usual place even though it had gone 10am. It was still nice and busy and I found a few more things to buy. I got a wooden box (no pic yet) that needs a little work, for £2 . I've put the shoes in it for now as I'm tired of falling over them. I got the tin in the picture for 50p too.
I also got this fab bedside table to go on Man's side of the bed. The stallholder was asking £10 but i managed to get him down to £5. I also bought some spray paint to go over the gold bits, I'm not overly keen on them. I got on with getting it painted this afternoon but should have bought a second can of paint, they are very small and it wasn't quite enough to get it done. The paint seller will be there next week so I can stock up then, I just hope they have the same colour. I got a pair of marble lamp bases for £1 that just need shades.

I also added a couple more bevelled mirrors to my collection. Man doesn't even comment on them now! He knows it's pointless. I have given up asking about the endless computers he brings home. All in all a successful day!
And this is my freebie vintage wastepaper basket from the other week. It was grubby but I have given it a very good clean and i just totally love it.

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