Sunday, 8 March 2009


got me all this. What credit crunch? I fancied a good look around some charity shops yesterday so we headed to a little town near my in laws where I hadn't been for years. I used to go to a fantastic little shop, a bit on the grubby side but it was full of things to look through and it had winding wooden stairs with 3 levels. I kind of prefer that kind of charity shop the 'chain' ones can be a bit too bright and showy and only seem to want to sell new things and have no charm whatsoever. I like to work for my bargains. I had high hopes of finding some treasures so we set off, the older two wanted to stay with granny (secret yay!) so it was just the little one which I carried in his sling, just the right level for cooing at everyone and catching a crafty nap. Sadly the little charity shop is no longer there, neither was the yarn shop I was hoping to have a look in. There does seem to be an infinite amount of hairdressers in their place. I'm still trying to find a 'style' of things that I want in the house so for now I am just going for things that appeal to me. I've never been a very pastelly person, my favourite colour is orange so I already have a lot of things that I need to work around colour wise such as my lovely Kitchen Aid mixer. I'm also trying to break the mindset that tells me everything should be matching. Even when I was a child I used to refuse my dinner unless my cutlery was from the same set.

The kids are very curious about all the new items appearing in the house. Boy asked me why I was changing everything and I was struggling a bit to explain the concept of shabby chic so I said I wanted to have more 'old' things with character. He looked really horrified! He was worried I was going to do away with the tv and the Wii and his MP3 player. I must add he is very (very!) materialistic. Hopefully now his mind is at rest he will like to help me search for bargains.

While we were out and about I had set up an Ebay snipe for some sofas and when I got in we had won. A lot of moving around to do to make them fit in so I will update on that later!

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saraeden said...

Just found your blog and wanted to say hello !!
I love the old proper junk / thrifty type charity shops too , much better than the flash looking ones with no character !!
My home is full of thrifted bits or tat as my DP calls it , love what you found !!

Sara x