Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Hope everyone has had a lovely day? It's been very low key here as both me and the ToddlerBoy have been struck down with a horrible cold. He kept us up most of last night, poor thing was running a temperature. I've been struggling to stay awake and have ended up sneaking off back to bed a couple of times. I was hoping that there would be an end to all the illness this winter.

I wasn't expecting anything for Mother's Day as, let's face it, my husband is a bit pants where presents are concerned and the kids don't have their own source of income beyond claiming coins from down the back of the sofa. However he did take the kids out to choose something. I ended up having it on Saturday, Girl just couldn't wait. I had a couple of these plants in funky felt holders. They will last longer than flowers and I have taken the felt thingies off to use as storage for something.
I knew Boy had made me something in his after school craft club because he kept telling me. Another one who can't hold a secret!
He did well to choose my favourite colours. I can see where the teacher started him off and he has carried on. It's very true when people say it's the thought that counts.

Things aren't always lemonade and cream buns around here but I am very lucky to have all three of them. 


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Aqeela said...

Hi Claire,
Just popped by to say thankyou for the comment. Im enjoying the new house a little bit more as each day goes by, but its still not feeling 100% like home just yet.
Lovely mothers day plant holder thingies by the way, and oh i just cant wait til my little one can make me gifts!!
Aqeela xx